Alco gaskets and seals are constructed using a variety of materials, thicknesses and shapes to accommodate a virtually unlimited range of EMI/RFI shielding applications. Whether you need basic interference shielding with limited environmental seals, or multiple environmental seals and full shielding within a single component, Alco has a solution to meet practically any requirement or budget.

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Alco-Knit Elastomer Core

Alco-Knit Elastomer Core is a resilient, compressible conductive EMI gasket. Elastomer cores, solid or hollow are covered with knitted wire mesh to form a pliable dust and weather seal. Standard wire alloys provide shielding and the selection of core material provides compression. Alco-Knit Elastomer Core is appropriate for openings, doors or other enclosure applications requiring shielding flexibility for repeatable access. Alco-Knit Elastomer Core is supplied spooled, cut to length or as a formed gasket.

*Sn/Cu/Fe provides optimum shielding in H-Field environments.
*Not recommended as a pressure seal.

Material Specifications:
Aluminum Wire per AMS-4182 / 5056 Alloy .005 wire diameter
Monel per QQ-N-281 .0045 wire diameter
Sn/Cu/Fe per ASTM-B-520 .0045 wire diameter
Neoprene Sponge per ASTM-D-6576
Hollow Solid Neoprene per AMS-R-6855
Closed Cell Silicone Sponge per AMS-3195
Solid Silicone Tubing per A-A-59588

   Alco-Knit Shielding Effectiveness