Alco gaskets and seals are constructed using a variety of materials, thicknesses and shapes to accommodate a virtually unlimited range of EMI/RFI shielding applications. Whether you need basic interference shielding with limited environmental seals, or multiple environmental seals and full shielding within a single component, Alco has a solution to meet practically any requirement or budget.

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Alco-Meric-H Gasket and Strip

Alco-Meric-H is an environmental EMI weather seal gasket designed for magnetic (H) field and electric (E) field plane wave shielding. Continuous expanded copper sheets are embedded with high grade silicone. Exposed contact points are tin plated with tin alloy to create a lower interface contact offering high conductivity for improved shielding effectiveness. Alco-Merci-H is supplied in bonded die cut configurations or strip form.Recommended closure force is 20 psi to100 psi.

Material Specifications:
Silicone Solid per A-A-59588 -56° C to 204° C [-70 ° F to 400° F]
Expanded Copper

                                          Alco-Meric-H Shielding Effectiveness