Alco gaskets and seals are constructed using a variety of materials, thicknesses and shapes to accommodate a virtually unlimited range of EMI/RFI shielding applications. Whether you need basic interference shielding with limited environmental seals, or multiple environmental seals and full shielding within a single component, Alco has a solution to meet practically any requirement or budget.

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Alco-Wirelastic Gaskets and Rolls

Alco Wirelastic is a thin composite EMI gasket and environmental pressure seal. Woven aluminum cloth is impregnated with either a high grade silicone or neoprene elastomer. Nominal thickness of .016” ± .004” and .020” ± .004 is suitable for joint unevenness of less than .002” or where limited space is a consideration. Recommended closure force is 100 psi. Alco-Wirelastic is supplied in standard shell sizes, custom die cut or on rolls.

Material Specifications:
Silicone Solid per AMS-3302 54° C to 260° C [ -65° F to 500° F]
Neoprene Solid per AMS-3222 40° C to +107° C [ -40° F to 255° F]
Aluminum Woven Wire per AMS-4182 / 5056 Alloy

                                     Alco-Wirelastic Shielding Effectiveness