Alco gaskets and seals are constructed using a variety of materials, thicknesses and shapes to accommodate a virtually unlimited range of EMI/RFI shielding applications. Whether you need basic interference shielding with limited environmental seals, or multiple environmental seals and full shielding within a single component, Alco has a solution to meet practically any requirement or budget.

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    Gaskets and Rolls

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Alco Multi-Strip & Gasket

Alco Multi Strip and Gaskets are EMI/EMP environmental weather, dust and pressure seal gaskets fabricated into seamless die cut configurations or spliced assembled. Multi-strip and gaskets combine two or more materials. Knitted wire mesh in standard wire alloys, cross sections and size are bonded to your choice of elastomer. Alco Multi-Strip and Gaskets are easily mounted to an adjoining surface with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Alco Multi-Strip and Gaskets are recommended to seal enclosure openings, around door frames or removable panels. Due to a variety of combinations of elastomer and Alco-Knit, recommended minimum closure force for sponge cores is 10 psi and for solid core is 20 psi.

Material Specifications:
• Aluminum Wire per AMS-4182 / 5056 alloy .005 wire diameter
• Monel per QQ-N-281 .0045 wire diameter
• Sn/Cu/Fe per ASTM-B-520 .0045 wire diameter

• Neoprene Sponge ASTM-D-6576 -24°F to 212°F [-31°C to 100°C]
• Neoprene Solid AMS-R-6855 -65°F to 212°F [-54°C to 100°C]
• Hollow Solid Neoprene AMS-R-6855 -65°F to 212°F [-54°C to 100°C]
• Silicone Solid A-A-59588 -75°F to 500°F [-60° to 260°C]
• Silicone Sponge AMS-3195 -103°F to 401° [-75° to 205°C]

                                           Alco-Knit Shielding Effectiveness