Designed to provide consistent, reliable EMI/RFI shielding for all electrical ventilation applications, Alco’s fabricated metal products include honeycomb vents and filters that offer optimum shielding and maximum air flow, with reduced turbulence and low noise. Our vents and filters are ideal for solving a wide range of venting problems, from computers and electronics to medical equipment and commercial applications.

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Alco Metal Mount Frames

Alco Metal Mount Frames are a fabricated EMI aluminum frame gaskets. Metal Mount Frames have a mesh and or elastomer gasket secured into the groove or outside edge of the extrusion. Alco-Knit Gaskets are supplied in standard wire alloys in several configurations and size to meet specific shielding requirements. Elastomer core gaskets may be applied for environmental pressure sealing. Alco Metal Mount Frames are fabricated with specific hole size, location, slots and countersinks for alignment. Ready-to-mount frames are attached to other surfaces using rivets, fasteners or spot welded in place. Frames are supplied unfinished or Chromate Coated per MIL-C-5541 Class 1or 3 to enhance shielding performance and corrosion resistance. Alco Metal Mount Frames are fabricated to customer drawings.

Material Specifications:
Aluminum per AMS-QQ-A-200/9 6063-T4 Alloy
Aluminum per AMS-QQ-A-200/8 6061-T6 Alloy

• Aluminum Wire per AMS-4182 / 5056 Alloy .005 wire diameter
• Monel Wire per QQ-N-281 .0045 wire diameter
• Sn/Cu/Fe per ASTM-B-520 .0045 wire diameter

Alco-Elastomer Core
• Neoprene Sponge per ASTM-D-6576
• Silicone Sponge per AMS-3195

Finish Options:
Chromate Coversion Coating per MIL-C-5541 Class 1 or 3

                                       Alco-Knit Shielding Effectiveness