Designed to provide consistent, reliable EMI/RFI shielding for all electrical ventilation applications, Alco’s fabricated metal products include honeycomb vents and filters that offer optimum shielding and maximum air flow, with reduced turbulence and low noise. Our vents and filters are ideal for solving a wide range of venting problems, from computers and electronics to medical equipment and commercial applications.

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ATI Dust Filter

ATI Dust Filters are narrow profile EMI dust and air filters. An aluminum frame surrounds aluminum tinsel media and is welded in place. Aluminum tinsel media filters the air and entraps dust particles. The aluminum frame and tinsel media combination performs as a gasket. Alco-Knit gaskets are supplied on select extrusion profiles. Dust filters are supplied in standard .172 through hole diameters for easy installation mounting. Depending upon location, filters may be vacuum cleaned in place or removed and blown with light compressed air or cleaned with mild detergent. ATI Dust Filters are primarily used at air intake locations requiring narrow space limitations to entrap dust particles, shield and cool air flow.

*Viscous oil coating supplied upon request

Material Specifications:
Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6063-T4 per AMS-QQ-A-200/9
Core Material: Aluminum Tinsel media Alloy 1145 H19 (tinsel media performance may be enhanced with application of viscous oil coating).

• Aluminum Wire per AMS-4182 / 5056 Alloy .005 wire diameter
• Monel Wire Alloy per QQ-N-281 .0045 wire diameter
• Sn/Cu/Fe per ASTM-B-520 .0045 wire diameter

Finish Options:
• Chromate Coating MIL-C-5541 Class 1 and 3 (Clear or Gold)

Frame Designs

ATI Dust Filter Arrestance and Airflow Resistance