With the FCC’s Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI) standard practice, maximizing cable shielding effectiveness has never been more critical. That’s why Alco offers the ShieldZip™ line of cable Shielding products, available in a wide range of designs and configurations to meet practically any cable shielding need. Combining the effectiveness of a knitted wire mesh, the protection of a durable vinyl jacket and a heavy duty brass zipper, ShieldZip™ is a convenient and inexpensive way to solve your cable shielding needs.
:: ShieldZip™ Cable Shielding

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    :: Reducers
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    :: Split Couplers
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Reducers are transition mesh sleeves gradually narrowing overall diameter when applications reduce number of cables in a bundle. Reducers are made from the same wire mesh, brass zipper and vinyl components as ShieldZip™. Vinyl is optional.    

Material Specifications:
• Brass Alloy C-226
• Sn/Cu/Fe per ASTM-B-520   double strand .0045 wire diameter
• Commercial Vinyl