With the FCC’s Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI) standard practice, maximizing cable shielding effectiveness has never been more critical. That’s why Alco offers the ShieldZip™ line of cable Shielding products, available in a wide range of designs and configurations to meet practically any cable shielding need. Combining the effectiveness of a knitted wire mesh, the protection of a durable vinyl jacket and a heavy duty brass zipper, ShieldZip™ is a convenient and inexpensive way to solve your cable shielding needs.
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ShieldZip™ Cable Shielding

ShieldZip™ is a flexible, cost effective EMI/EMP shielding jacket for easy installation, routing around corners or retro fitting of cable bundles or harness applications. ShieldZip™ combines the shielding effectiveness of multi layered knitted wire mesh, heavy duty brass zipper and a protective durable jacket. Heavy duty brass zipper is permanently crimped to a mesh cord and attached to a mesh jacket which creates a continuous positive closure. Vinyl jackets are optional. ShieldZip™ is available in diameters ranging from one inch to six inches and up to fifty foot continuous lengths. Finished ends are terminated and supplied ready for installation. Unfinished ends are left open for you to terminate to your specific requirement. Self Termination Kits are available.

Material Specifications:
• Brass Alloy C-226
• Sn/Cu/Fe per ASTM-B-520   double strand .0045 wire diameter
• Commercial Vinyl

* Jacket options include standard 20 mil vinyl,   heavy duty vinyl, UL fire retardant vinyl on request.

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