Electromagnetic interference, or EMI, encompasses any electromagnetic emissions or electrical disturbances—either man-made or natural—that cause an undesirable response or degradation in the performance of electrical equipment. Radio frequency interference, or RFI, is a type of electromagnetic interference that occurs within the frequency range of radio transmissions. Typical sources of EMI/RFI include power lines, power supplies, ground loops, electrostatic discharge, fluorescent lights, electric motors, switches, relays, and integrated circuits.

Because EMI/RFI has long been problematic in the operation of electrical equipment, many types of shielding and filters have been developed in response—allowing sensitive electrical components to function properly and without disruption to the performance of other equipment.

Alco Technologies' EMI/RFI shielding products are engineered to exacting tolerances, ensuring that even the most sensitive electrical equipment functions properly every time. From cable shielding and honeycomb filters to gaskets and all-purpose seals, every product we make is designed to make your products work better.