Alco Technologies was established on a no-nonsense approach to engineering the best EMI/RFI shielding solutions available. Founded by many of the core members of Lastomerics Ltd.—an established shielding solutions provider that had gone through two acquisitions by major conglomerates—Alco’s core team members share a close working relationship spanning over 30 years. It’s this close relationship that has helped us produce some of the most respected shielding products in the industry, including honeycomb vents & filters, wire mesh products, gaskets, seals and ShieldZip™ Cable Shielding. Though our name may be new to some of you, there’s a good chance our products have already crossed your path!

Alco also offers custom design and fabrication capabilities, which is facilitated by an innovative and aggressive onsite manufacturing and decision-making team. This results in fast turnarounds, from specifications to designs to finished products, and has enabled us to serve as a value-added supplier to industry leaders in the military and commercial fields. And because we offer all of our products at very competitive prices with outstanding customer service, technical support, Just-in-Time delivery and custom reporting, we have achieved Preferred Supplier status for several major corporations.

Today, Alco Technologies continues to advance the science of EMI/RFI shielding through the continued development of new shielding technology and improved manufacturing techniques. As we continue to grow, we look forward to working with you and becoming Your Better Service Partner.